A Smart MLM Social Media Strategy

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MLM companies have benefited over the years from the emergence of the internet. It has opened up a world of opportunities previously not available to people working from home. Social networking has added a whole other dimension. The right MLM social media strategy can make sure you use all the resources you have to hand.

It is tempting when first on a social media site is to spread the word as much as possible. You may post endless adverts and links. It can then be disheartening when you do not get many followers. This then leads some people to conclude that it is not worth the effort.

A big part of this is creating a profile. The profile should be of a human person not a company. The picture should be clear and show a face. It should not be a long distance shot and there should not be more than one person in the picture. This will give something for people to identify with.

The next thing is to be aware of what you are posting. It is a difficult balance between getting your product promoted and not seemingly overly pushing or selling too hard. It is also vital that you do not get drawn into any unnecessary arguments. This also includes derogatory comments about your rivals or other products on the market.

However do not go too far with informal conversations. Inappropriate conversations can often lead to controversial comments. Sometimes they may be misinterpreted and this can damage both yourself and the product. While you do not want to do a hard sell it is important to maintain a positive perspective that reflects well on both the company and you.

Another aspect of this is private conversations. Most social network sites will have a private message or chat system that will allow you to take part in one to one conversations with people. This is especially useful when looking to recruit people as you can clearly set out what to expect and help them learn about the product and how best to promote it.

The important thing is to be positive without overselling the product or yourself. Videos showing you at work at a community event or a history of your company will help people learn about what you are promoting without seeming to be excessively self promotional. Blogs and articles about issues relating to your business can be useful. For example if you sold a health supplement you could talk about the medical benefits of its ingredients. Getting the balance right between promotion and discussion will help increase traffic and have people come to you rather than you having to chase them up.

In short, your MLM social media strategy should be a combination of smart selling and social engagement. It is called social networking because you are communicating with people. With the right balance of discussion and promotion you will get the most from social media.

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A Smart MLM Social Media Strategy

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This article was published on 2010/11/27