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Whether you're a professional looking for connections and potential clients, to a business who wants to reach out to its audience, it's important that you start establishing yourself in different social platforms.

It is no longer enough to just be on LinkedIn; or just Twitter; or just Facebook.  Social networks are ever changing and developing with new niches and subgroups that could be where your best connections are spending time.  It is time for you to do some research and find out where they are. As we compete for share of mind, the more we interact and are visible in other networks, the more visible and memorable we become.

The people you interact with in these social networking sites are most likely your current or future customers. Where do you already find them spending time and socializing online?

The myth of build it and they will come

Of course, it's not enough to simply create profiles and accounts in these sites and then forget about them. Remember that people are looking for interaction with you and your brand, so you need to be active in these sites if you want to establish an online presence. They want good and relevant information when they find you in these social media sites – not ghost accounts that are never updated.

Nowadays, people are getting smarter. They don't get taken in by advertising and marketing schemes anymore. They're not going to be buying your product or service just because their favorite celebrity endorses it. What they're doing now is using these social media sites to research  you, your product and your business/company to find out what other people are saying.

Employees are brand ambassadors

Even employers are looking for potential employees through social networking. They are using these sites to find new hires. What they do is put their current employees' active involvement in sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to good use through referral hiring. Their employees become brand ambassadors who become responsible for social recruiting.

The main thing about social networking is the fact that it works. These sites are responsible for creating communities around a brand, may it be a personal or a business one. This is the trend nowadays, and it doesn't seem to be lessening in any force. This is where people can be found, which is why it's vital that you and your brand can also be found in it.

The best way to succeed in promoting your brand through social media is to beauthentic and genuine. Take the time and effort to interact with your audience. Put some thought into your content and updates. Discover what interests and is valued by your contacts along with what status updates mirror the best of your brand.

Nowadays, you can't get left behind by not taking part of this new medium – it will impair your personal brand or business. It's either adapt or be in the losing end of the spectrum.

It's still location, location, location

Take the time to research these social networking sites so you can come up with an effective plan in reaching your audience and marketing your brand.If you have a business, make sure that you include your employees in your branding campaign. Don't ignore them, as they can be your best brand advocates through social media.

Social media is a wonderful opportunity for you to connect and establish long-term, mutually satisfying relationships. It is now critical for you to use these social networking sites to interact with your audience. If you don't take action, you will be risking a lot. Out of sight, out of mind still holds true. So stop hesitating and start getting social.

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Connect where your connections are

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This article was published on 2011/07/18