Developing a Social Media Plan

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Twitter. Facebook. Linked-In. You Tube. Flickr. Blogger. The list goes on. How do you know what is right for you and how to use it correctly?

If Social Media is in your game plan, you must first determine how you are going to use such a powerful tool. Are you socializing? Are you networking? Are you looking to grow your business? Are you selling a product and/or service? Different sites are really different tools and you need the right tool to do the job correctly.

This document is going to touch on the basics needed to develop a Social Media Strategy as an effective business tool. In listening to a recent seminar conducted by David Riklan of, David summed this idea into 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Listen. You must understand what is being said about your product/service or you on the internet before you can begin to add to conversation. Be aware of mentions of your product/service or you so that you can effectively respond.

Step 2: Strategize. Social Media sites are filled with groups, blogs, etc. Determine where your target customer has a presence. Determine how much time you want to spend with Social Media. If you are not careful, you can become consumed on a site. What areas will you focus on and how will you measure your success?

Step 3: Engage. Implement the strategy you developed in step 2. You will need to develop relationships with people, let them get to know you. How you do this will vary depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

Step 4: Take the Order. So many people forget to ask for the business. Folks, that is the purpose of this journey. If you do not ask for the order, you will never get the order. Find a way to move people from just a relationship into your sales funnel.

Step 5: Measure Your Results. All this work doesn't mean anything if you can't determine if it is time well spent. Is what you are doing successful? What is working and what is not working? Are you generating results based on the amount of time you are committing to this strategy? Take a look and re-evaluate every 30-60 days. You may have to alter your strategies based on experience over time.
If you follow these 5 basic steps, you will have a solid Social Media plan. While this is just the beginning, a strong start is crucial to success.

To Your Continued Success......

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Developing a Social Media Plan

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This article was published on 2010/03/30