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Social media marketing a form of internet marketing which seeks to get marketing and branding communication goals through contribution in different networks like My Space, You Tube and Face Book, social web applications like reddit, dig, Wiki, delicious. The objective of each program varies from business to business, but usually involves the building of brand awareness, increasing visibility and sells a service or product. If you are keen user of social networking and you are working to get traffic for your blog or website with SMM then here are some tools to make your job easier.

Social Media for Firefox Extension

Submitting pages to social media websites is a time consuming job. It can be annoying when you get a great item that you want to submit, spend some time to visit different sites of your choice and then you locate that it has already been published. The social media for Firefox extension helps you to save time by allowing you to check if it has been submitted to major websites, and how many polls it has received. All you need to do is just click the button in your browser and you will quickly see the results and it will also provide you the opportunity to submit or vote each site.

Instant Messenger

If you are an active member of social media system then you will most likely want to share some of your important information and links with friends and permit them to do the same. With the help of instant messenger you may communicate anywhere at any time. Some of the latest instant messengers are MSN, Yahoo, Google talk and AOL.

StumbleUpon Toolbar

The ease of use and toolbar is what that separates StumbleUpon from others. With the help of Stumble Upon toolbar you may easily provide thumbs up or down to any page that you are viewing, plus there are many other features like sharing files or links with friends and stumble the favorites of other clients. Once you have installed this toolbar, you will be ready to create a strong profile while spending no additional time of your normal internet usage.

Shareaholic Browser Extension

Shareholic is a type of extension that is created to allow easy interaction. It provides you the opportunity to easily vote or submit pages that you are viewing, it contains a number of different media websites and you may even email pages to friends.

Google Trends

By identifying what topics are gaining the most attention you will capable of creating content that is attractive and informative to social media clients. Google trends are considered to be the best tools for tracking hot and latest news. You may see graphs and charts and you can also look behind at the trends for a specific day in the past.

Quality Hosting

If you want to draw a large number of traffic from social media then you will need a host that can easily handle fast surges.

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Essential Social Media Tools

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This article was published on 2010/05/24