Facebook Picking Momentum In Bollywood Entertainment

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Apparently, tweeter has gained higher grounds among glitterati and cine-stars alike in all parts of the world. Be it tweets between Bollywood actress Kim Kardashian and former SpiceGirls singer-turned fashion diva Victoria Beckhams or film promotional campaigns— it is all happening in Twitter! Fans no longer have to wait to hear about their favorite celebrities from magazines or shaky rumors in newspapers.

Social networking platform, Twitter, has made life easier for everyone— celebrities can now stay in touch with their fans without unwanted media interventions and paparazzi. On the other hand, fans are updated on their celebrity-idols’ social activities, latest films or projects and music of favorite stars and musicians et al. Facebook, the twenty-first century’s social networking giant, having active users of over 500 million all over the world, is instrumental in throwing celebrities the much-needed limelight and alleviated audience responses.

Most renowned film-makers and actors have agreed upon the potentials of social media as a useful online platform for reaching out to fans for feedbacks and other communication purposes. In fact, social media is found to be one of the most preferred methods of communication for celebrities with fans outside immediate world. Bollywood films marketing strategists have ensured the maximum usage of social networking sites like Twitter for publicity on Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor starring I Hate Luv Storys, followed by Abhishek Bachchan’s Ravan and Ra. If figures are to be relied upon, then the Bollywood and the entertainment industry ought to make maximum use of Facebook which has 50% of its active users’ logged on any given day. Plus, an average Facebook user has 130 friends, so the number in itself is enough to make any head-start with it a worthwhile venture.

Unlike Twitter, Facebook is known to have numerous social activities that are capable of enticing social network users— to put it down in words, it has over 900 million objects for people-to-people online interactions such as pages, groups, events and community pages.

What’s more? Facebook fits the frame of Bollywood film industry which thrives solely on mass media. Considering the fact that fans are scattered across the globe, and that they are not bounded by any geographical territories or any physical elements, a tied-up with social sites may just be the in-thing today,  after all fans will always be fans! Translated in over 70 languages world wide, Facebook has indeed become the top scorer in the sphere of internet marketing. No doubt, almost all Bollywood big shots, actors and actress have personal accounts in the social networking site compared to other social networking sites like Orkut etc. The credibility and stringent personal profile restrictions against unauthorized trespasses make it one of the most reliable and effective social media marketing platforms for individual as well as commercial values.


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Facebook Picking Momentum In Bollywood Entertainment

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Facebook Picking Momentum In Bollywood Entertainment

This article was published on 2011/03/03