How inSegment Uses Social Media to Increase Customer Satisfaction and You Can Too

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If you speak to any Boston internet marketing expert, they will tell you that social media is an important tool that can be used by any business in order to keep in touch with their customers. One of the things that social media is useful for is increasing your customer satisfaction and loyalty. How do you do this? It’s actually quite simple: here are the steps to use social media sites for this purpose.

1.  Create a profile on social networking sites

The most popular websites are Twitter and Facebook, but there are some smaller sites as well that may be popular in certain regions and among certain demographics. Also, Google+ is starting to gain a lot of popularity as well. You can easily create your profile page yourself, or if you want a better designed one, then you can ask a digital marketing agency to help you with that.

2.  Get as many people as possible to join you on social networks

This can be done by various methods, but some of the easiest ones include adding social media buttons to your blog or website. This will allow your website visitors to immediately connect to you on various social networks if they are interested. If you want more visitors to your website, you can hire a Boston SEO  company to help you get on top of search engine rankings.

3.  Listen to comments left by your followers

When you post something on your social media page, your subscribers can leave comments about it. While very often the comments that we see are something like “Yay! That’s great!” there could be people who have a question about what you have just posted, or who could bring some criticism about it. Be sure to review the comments, respond to them and if necessary implement some changes to your business. Comments from your subscribers can be a valuable way to learn about what your customers want. After all, few people will go through the trouble of emailing you if they want to comment on something about your business, but leaving a comment on a social media post is really effortless so more will do it.

4.  Create a poll on your page

If you would like to get the opinion of your subscribers about something related to your business, then you can create a quick poll on your social media page. This is basically a very quick way to get a feel for what your subscribers want and how they feel about your business. As people on social networks like Facebook are used to answering polls, they are much more likely to take part in it then if you had simply sent one by email or even if you had a “voting” option on your website. Remember, knowing your market’s opinion can be very valuable in improving your products and developing new ones.

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How inSegment Uses Social Media to Increase Customer Satisfaction and You Can Too

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How inSegment Uses Social Media to Increase Customer Satisfaction and You Can Too

This article was published on 2012/06/01