Q&A Heather Muenchen Interview about Social Media and Facebook

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Q&A Heather Muenchen Interview about Social Media and Facebook


Q - What are the different forms of social media that exist today?

(A) - Social media is comprised of Internet forums, web blogs, social blogs, micro blogging, wikis, podcast, pictures sites, video tube sites, rating sites, and social bookmarking. Social Media sites like Blog Talk Radio allow me to have my own radio show and upload the episodes to podcast. Listeners of my show have the option of listening live, posting comments on my live chat room or simply downloading archived shows.

I also use YouTube to promote my website as well as drive traffic to my landing page. Many of my YouTube videos are slide show that I produce with the use of Flicker.com and Photo Bucket. I just wanted to include a few personal real life applications of social media that I currently use.

(Q) What are the greatest benefits of social media for individuals and society?

(A) I feel the greatest benefit of social media is its ability to connect people in a way that was impossible only 20 years ago. Social Media has truly created a world forum in which you can now communicate with people all around the world. Blogging sites have allowed internet audiences to voice their opinions on everything from celebrity news to Presidential Elections.

Social Media has even played a major role in political protest such as what we witness in 2009 in Iran. Many voters in Iran felt that the election results were flawed so many of them posted their protest on social networking sites like Twitter. Because of social media the world has now become a global village.

(Q) What are the greatest problems of social media for individuals and social media?

(A) Government surveillance, online fraud, and unethical data-gathering methods have become common issues with social media. Just last week Facebook announced that a hacker had been successful in uploading all of the profile files of 100 million members. Despite the fact that Facebook downplayed the cyber attack, it still caused privacy advocates to criticize the site because of the security breach.

In addition to the common cyber attacks, a growing segment of Americans have lost their jobs due to something now known as Facebook Firings. This type of firing results from employers monitoring the after hour activities of their employee's via social media sites. 

(Q) How have modern social media sites affected commerce? Include positive and negative examples in your answer.

(A) Many advertisers have turn to the Internet in order to reach their target audience. With the help of social media sites like Facebook, advertisers can really hone in on their exact demographic like never before. Blogging sites have also played a major role in providing searchers with product testimonials and reviews. A positive aspect of social media is that it has now leveled the playing field for business owners who are trying to introduce their products and services. With the use of Tube videos a small business owner has just as much opportunity to market their services as the larger corporations.

One of the negative effects of social media is the large amount of information that is collected and stored by these sites. Even congress is now considering laws that will prevent social media sites and search engines from tracking searchers locations and patterns.

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Q&A Heather Muenchen Interview about Social Media and Facebook


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Q&A Heather Muenchen Interview about Social Media and Facebook

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This article was published on 2010/10/28