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Social media is incredibly big in Ireland now.  There doesn't seem to be a woman man or child who doesn't have an account on Facebook.  If they do not have an account than a direct member of their family does have an account.  Social media accounts for nearly a quarter of all of our time that we spend on the Internet and it is now one of the main ways in which we are able to communicate with our friends. Social media in Ireland is dominated by the Twitter feeds as we trawl the pages of our favourite celebrities in avid hope that it's the authentic page of our celebrity. It's a way we can monitor what they get up to and we feel intimately closer to them than we otherwise would have done. It can also be a good way to get our names out there into the public domain and allows us to put ourselves on the map and distribute any information or products that we want to and it comes with the added bonus that it's all free.


Free social media networking is something we have become accustomed to with all their money being made from commercial sales or advertising on the website and due to the sheer volume of people that are members of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.  It is no wonder they only have to rely on the advertising for their income.  Social media in Ireland is at its highest level of usage and it will only grow so there hasn't been a better time to get your name out there onto any of these main social media websites. It's definitely worth venturing out there onto selling your adverts to the websites and you will increase your exposure by an insane amount.


Facebook is set up in a unique way because it uses software to recognise everything about your profile page as well as your likes and dislikes. For example even your sports teams are captured and individual adverts catered to your requirements are put on your page. This means that your target market will be hit whatever your niche maybe. It's a new way in which to advertise and it's the most productive and efficient way to market your product around to millions of people. The way in which we are doing things is forever changing and the most active marketplace at this moment in time is the Internet, it is ever evolving and becoming more adaptable.


Twitter is a little bit more difficult to advertise on but it's ability to provide a domain in which we can all communicate and display what we are doing that particular day, granted a lot of the content on there isn't the greatest and we don't really need to know a lot of it but surely you have to exploit it for all it's worth and try to get your company or yourself out there into the public marketplace for good.



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Social Media in Ireland with Free social media networking

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This article was published on 2011/04/29