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Planning, listening and creating are the cornerstones to success in social media for small businesses.
While many small businesses have embraced social media, there are still business owners who need that assistance in getting set up. These tips, brought to you by TiYo will help you excel in successful Social Media.

1. Put a plan in place..Establish your goals, research the available tools that would be beneficial to your company, and from these decide on what tools you're going to use. Then you can go forward from there. Have a plan to track your success along the way. It doesn't have to be a 50-page document. It could be two or three pages.

By referring to the "tools" you might use, this means determining which social media platforms you plan to engage in. While there are many to choose from, TiYo suggests the following platforms for most people and businesses; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn.
2. Ensure you have a "listening strategy"
Once you have your initial plan intact and you know which main social media websites you're going to use, you need a listening strategy for the purpose of monitoring what is being said about you and your business online.
Decide how you're going to monitor your reputation online, what people are saying about your brand or, if you're a small business, maybe even you as an individual. Have a plan where you're using some type of software to monitor all of that conversation. That could be a free tool like Google Alerts or investing in the Management services of a company such as TiYo.

3. Create compelling content
This can be everything from Twitter tweets, to Facebook updates, to blog posts. For many pieces of information, creating content sometimes means that the blog becomes a central point or destination. Then you're tweeting outposts from the blog, and they also go to Facebook where there can be lots of cross posting.

What is "content" and what should you actually write about?
For example, you are a chiropractor running a small practice and you want to ask questions to your community. "Content" could be something really simple like: 'What exercises do you do to relieve back pain?' You find out what people are doing and then you might give them your recommendations or advice in terms of what you can do to help." This is also 'interactive' content, conversing with your followers whilst keeping them engaged.

What can Social Media Management do for me?
Social Media Consulting - Before agreeing on a suitable Level from one of our packages, we will consult with you. We need to know EVERYTHING about your company, your goals and what exactly you want to get out of social media. We listen and learn and then give our plan to make your company grow, as well as giving advice on how you can help with it. We have a few tricks up or sleeve for your company to grow.
At agreed regular intervals we will also talk about how our service is treating you, and discuss the results you have been getting. We want to know what your company will be doing for the next month and in the future months. Our services will change for your plans to benefit your customers! We will also give you some ideas to help your business grow.
Coupled with our excellent service we can provide we can supply 'plain English' guides that will ensure you continue to get optimum results.
You will get added benefits of an increase in search rankings and be known as an expert in your field. You will have both past and potential customer ready to buy when we push the button of creative social media marketing solutions, and we will actively promote followers for your business or service. We are ready to make you social!
How much will it cost me?
Please contact us for pricing and options. Every campaign is different. As each company is unique and everyone needs something different, we will provide you with an estimate specific to the areas you are interested in.
We do not need to charge more for larger businesses; you set the boundaries and together we will decide on the best level of TiYo to match your requirements.
Prices are tailored to suit your business requirements, you choose the level! - From the cost-effective 'Entry' level campaign to the 'Exclusive' Level offering a huge Return on Investment!

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Social Media Success - TiYo for Business

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This article was published on 2011/04/19