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We all are using social media platform from around 6-7 years and yet there is no closed end to it. It is as vast and open like Pacific Ocean with lots of hidden treasures into it. Every time you dive into it you will come out with a new discovery. The more you go deeper into it more you will be the benefited. It has shown its success in every field wherever it has been used whether in- business life or personal life. It is as transparent as water and as opaque as cloud.

We have already seen its success in marketing of any product/service, campaigns/promotional activities for new product launch, risk assessment, crisis management, hospital industry, consumer satisfaction, etc. Overall it has proved itself to be the best in every area wherever it has been used.

But for now, I just want to exclude its business purpose and want to capitalize more upon its social responsibility part. With the growing population and with different unlike minded people it is very difficult for socialists to accumulate people at one place and to make them convince about any social cause. People are not following the rat race when they have to fight for some social matter. So it is a very difficult task to make them stand on one platform. But with the aid of social media we can do this thing.

If you want to protest for any social cause or you want to go against some illegal social laws/acts, the easy and effective way is to run a campaign on all the social media tools. On an average a person who is active on social media sites spend around 1-2 hours daily. So, when you run a campaign or any advertisement in order to raise the mass just run it on social media as this will catch more eye-balls.

Recently in United States people come on roads against Mattel which is one of the largest Toy making Company in the world- Greenpeace & Mattel. The reason was unsafe packaging of Barbie-Doll. Environmentalist accuses Mattel of using paper from Indonesian rain forests to package Barbie dolls. And this campaign is also running on Facebook in order to aware more people about it. The reason behind this is emotional attachment with those who are suffering. And social media being a non-living thing is very helpful in showing your emotions. The network formed on online media has emotional bonding and this helps in fighting for any social issue.

In India, one of the known socialist Anna Hazare runs a campaign for anti-corruption and this activity is also present on Social media sites. People are appreciating this social matter and are with him. I don't deny that before the invention of social media this thing was not possible. But the fact is social media has allowed more people to come together for any noble cause or a social issue. This not only gives a national awareness but also brings the truth in front of the world.

Corporate social responsibility is another part where good companies are contributing towards the community in order to make the World a better place to live. And all of their campaigns are present on social media sites. Marketing of social event on Facebook has proved its success. There are many successful programs being run by the brands like- Shiksha & Shakti by HUL, is for the underprivileged children who are not having sufficient amount of food to eat, who are deprived of education.

Banks like Standard Chartered(Malaysia) has also started a CSR on Facebook known as GreenFingers Eco Project. SB through its Facebook application, "Treeville", will give FB users the opportunity to plant virtual trees online. The FB app will spread awareness on the importance of becoming an environmentally conscious nation. GreenFingers' Treeville accompanies the bank's (physical) tree- planting exercise that will see a total of 11,000 trees planted across Malaysia. Infact Facebook just launched a sustainability/green page, run by FB, athttp://www.facebook.com/green?v=...
All these steps by the big brands are making the society a better place to live and let others live.

The social media is not only for businessman to run their show rather it's a platform to raise common mass again any social issue, so that they can bring good changes in the society. This open heartiness of social media is as pure as open sea which allows every common man to use it for his benefit as well as the society. So, have you joined any social campaign on social media and if not go and do some good work for the society in which you live by joining it on social media sites...


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‘Socialistic' Social Media

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This article was published on 2011/08/29