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A Social Media Manager is one that utilizes socialization in many different media forms to help raise awareness of a company and keep their credibility going strong. Social Media is a powerful tool to use in marketing these days.

The quickest, most effective way for a company to reach their target market these days is by using a social media site, such as Twitter. These sites are a way to connect to just about anyone from anywhere in the world.

What are their duties?

Most companies will have a different set of tasks they need their specialists to do for them. But, here are some of the more common tasks you might be asked to perform for a company:

  • Set up and maintain accounts on certain social media websites
  • Research your target market to see what they're saying about your employer
  • Respond to any complaints, concerns or questions of your target market
  • Stay on top of the social media circuit for new social media tools your company could use

What equipment do they use?

The main piece of equipment you would need is a computer with high-speed internet. The computer should easy access to all search engines to help stay on top of any social media news.

In some cases, a mobile phone is needed for texting messages to social media sites. Sometimes, employers will provide this for you if they need you to use one.

What skills should I have?

You should know your way around most social websites. You should know how to use some of the more popular ones and know most of the tools they use to enhance their social media experience.

You will need to remember that you're working for an employer and not goofing around and socializing with your friends during your work times. You also need to be able to be a professional at all times when performing your managing duties. The sites you're socializing on for your employer are that company's customers or potential customers.

If you don't keep a professional attitude with them, you hurt your employer's company. Your job is to help alleviate as much negative publicity on the internet as possible; not to start it by arguing with customers.

How much do they make?

The rate of pay varies greatly with each company that hires these managers. What you would get paid could depend on how much experience or knowledge you have in the social media arena.

It also depends on the duties that you would be expected to perform and the size of the company that's going to hire you. The rate of pay could fall in the range of $25,000 to $50,000 a year for full-time employment. 

Social media managers are fast becoming a popular choice for a profession. While it sounds like you're simply chatting about the internet, it's still complicated and hard work. Much research will need to be done and you still need to keep track of where your employer's target market is at.

If you do your job well, your employer's company will thrive. You can have the satisfaction of knowing that you played a part in that and they just might reward you for your efforts.

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Telecommuting Job - Social Media Manager

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This article was published on 2010/03/29