Why do Companies Use Social Media for Event Promotions?

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With the internet gaining increased penetration in our daily lives and overall improvement in the consumer awareness levels, social media is becoming a powerful tool in the business today.  An organization gets the necessary mileage from this particular medium in terms of global exposure and that too with minimal investment. Whenever there is an event in the pipeline, companies make sure that they share it with their online followers first so that the word gets around to a wider audience in the least possible time. For organizations using event registration software doing this becomes even easier as they can avail of the software’s social media connector.

Enhanced visibility draws companies to social media promotions

Earlier the visibility factor was considered relevant only for small start ups and non-profit organizations having limited resources and financial capabilities to create websites. The exposure gained by promoting events or services on social media helped them to prosper at a later stage. However, such is not the case now. Every business entity, including some of the biggest names in the industry, seeks to find a foothold in the web media to provide a channel for instant information about a product launch or services or offers, without having to rely entirely on traditional modes of advertising.

Instant consumer feedback is the real entice

Event and band promotion on social media guarantees instant consumer feedback and approval. Besides, it generates positive curiosity and interest about an upcoming event or the product amongst its users. The feedback received this way helps a company to improve its services and maintain a sustainable customer relationship long term. This process is called Social Media Optimization (SMO), which helps businesses to get a certain level of transaction. SMO, in turn, is an integral part of the Online Reputation Management (ORM) procedure adopted by most modern day companies that aims at larger consumer base penetrations.

How are social media promotions related to Cloud Computing?

Social networking is no more considered a means to connect online purely for socialization. It is an effective marketing tool. Smart business strategies are being formulated to connect with the cyber crowd in a more personal and casual manner. Availing the Cloud computing interface as a basis for social networking allows companies and event organizers to gather first-hand information by interacting with their target audiences and potential customers. They can build private communities and use social media connectors to directly download profile information of their members from popular social networking sites to the community network.

Benefits of availing Cloud based social media connector for promotion

  • All event-related information is transferred to the social networking page automatically
  • Whenever an event is published in the private community network it shows on the social media page where the user has an account
  • The powerful network of social media can be leveraged fully to broadcast an event
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Why do Companies Use Social Media for Event Promotions?

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Why do Companies Use Social Media for Event Promotions?

This article was published on 2012/11/05